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cutting-edge software platform and high level tools for rapid development of custom virtual twins and its running as solutions assisting in holistic intelligent sustainable business management, monitoring and control of various industrial applications


Factory of Future Generation

the novel powerful smart IOT platform fosters quick prototyping, connectivity, managing and analyzing the holistic real time view of performance and processes 

Monitoring Your Business

for effective and easy implementation of digital transformation and sustainability in asset performance management enabling smarter operators and optimization

Partnership benefits & opportunities

in making effective custom solutions, providing support, consulting, training and reuse of cyber-physical models tor different industrial applications and customers

How it works

Smart Enterprise Monitor

The business intelligence application for enterprises to monitor, measure, analyse, benchmark and plan for sustainable performance. Quick implementation, running sample enterprise model, easy customization to local operations, own indicators. 

Open Smart Model

Open Enterprise Model and its linkages to data sources - sensors, IoT, databases enable unique digital transformation content for an enterprise as complex cyber-physical system.

Running the engine

The virtual enterprise model runs on the engine in cloud or locally in-house. All its components are installed and updated automatically without need for technical support. Authorized users can view the enterprise events and processes anytime and from anyplace.

Member area

The Portal supports automatic implementation of digital services as "Subscriptions for Members”. The membership is free. The registration secures access to services, self-management by each member and their copyrights for application models and data.