Vocational training and Industry 4.0

Vocational training and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet or smart factories refers to the broad set of changes coming about in the workplace because of new technologies (these include, but are not limited to, mobile applications, cloud services, robotics and artificial intelligence). 

PharosN IoT ecosystem provides new generation of learning and training aid for technical education, vocational and entrepreneurship training (TVET) offering sustainable development knowledge toolkit and its practical application for both local enterprise processes and global digital knowledge economy.

Importance of knowledge at the managerial level

In research papers, it is pointed out that Industry 4.0 will increase the demand for systemic thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration. This demand might not mean that everyone has to excel at programming, but an understanding of IT and data structures and their strengths and limitations will have to be developed. This formal qualification in data handling will, of course, have to go hand-in-hand with knowledge of production technology. In fact, vocational training and skills gained by experience will become even more critical as employees face complicated situations at the workplace. A corollary of this is the need for better coordination between workers and IT developers. However, a fact often missed is that the qualification needs to be engendered by Industry 4.0 are not limited to workers and IT developers but apply even more to the management.

Given the importance of living labouring capacity and strong vocational training, the main stakeholders of industry have their critical roles to play in the future-proof practical implemenattion of digital solutions for their enterprises. 

Accelerated change and increased complexity

The rapid pace of changes throws up new opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders, even for companies that have introduced automation technology over the previous decades. There are however particular challenges in production and engineering, especially concerning the kind of training and qualifications needed to make the best use of these technologies while ensuring good jobs, skills and well-being of workers.

How PharosN IoT platform can enrich and advance vocational training  

PharosN IoT platform provided new tools for management - Virtual Assitants that helps to fully open up the business potential by providing the unique novel holistic knowledge of process results in real time. They apply AI-driven digital transformation to monitor and control and run enterprise more effective and sustainable and address the challenges in a practical way in compliance with  major international standards of quality of management.

In other words PharosN IoT platform fosters both trainers and trainees in learning smart sustainable management in times of accelerated change with assistance of Artificial Intelligence. It brings in increased power of management and operational control based on availability of holistic evidence of business in both results of ongoing processes in real time and its predictions in the future. 

Contact us to explore exceptional capacity to apply PharosN IoT ecosystem to support your practical needs in vocational training and learning. Among others the learning tools will specifically address the following:

  • How create AI-driven Digital Twins as models of relevant industrial enterprises can automatically collect multiple data and transform it into the holistic status of the business processes for its simple monitoring and control?
  • How to use these new generation of technology effectively in smart sustainable management and operations, condition monitoring, minimising the losses and inefficiencies, keeping the highest quality, quick adapting to market change and having full transparency of the processes in real time?