Learning to link the worlds

Learning to link the worlds

The picture: Pharos workshop opening by Ali Bararneh, United National Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).


Learning how make and apply the models that link physical and virtual worlds

Learning of PharosN user development platform and modeling tools for development of digital twins of relevant apps linking physical and virtual worlds are supported by free PharosN cloud engine and the following services:

  • Interactive wizards available after the PharosN engine installation 
  • User assistance information during the work sessions
  • Reference and Guides
  • Questions & Answers content
  • Email support

The wizards help in quick understanding of how to make a structure of the digital twin, define its properties, make indicators, and link its model to available data sources such as IoT, sensors, databases and spreadsheets, and use the reports and dashboards and maps for monitoring, analytics, benchmarking and simulation as well as how to use the administrative panel.

The reference materials, presentations and guides provide step by step learning assistance in implementing the practical’s described in these materials presenting the real world sample application models. 

The individuals achieved successful results in the implementation of application models in concrete industrial areas are offered promotion as consultants and developers and support as perspective business partners.


The workshops

The on-line workshops are provided on-demand for the groups of trainees to support quick learning and practical applications of the PharosN platform in industries.