as Partner

PharosN IoT platform supports cnsultants and developers with high-level interactive instruments for quick development of complex application solutions for their customers. Its use does not require programming and allows making the custom models of the enterprise systems in diverse application areas linked to large number of IoT and other data sources, incuding spreadsheets, equipment, machines, accounting, ERP and other systems. The model is used as digital transformation engine for each unique application and, being open, allows quick adaptation to change in requirements, IoT structure, user dashboards and reports, analytics.

If you provide application development consulting, training, advisory services then PharosN opens additional business development opportunities by quick development of apps, its deployment and continuous updated and support.

The partner benefits are as follows:

  • Free introductory subscriptions for complete package of PharosN services the engine, model builder and apps light clients, sample enterprise application, interactive wizards and set of training materials
  • Securing your copyrights for the developed applications and services to your customers 
  • Receiving support in case of complex application issues 

We offer the partners special promotions and support.