UNIDO Pharos software suite had been used by about 3000 Small and Medium Enterprises operating in 12 Industrial sectors in 31 countries including Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe within 1996-2020.

Most of the implementations were made within capacity building and industrial modernizations programmes by UNIDO, national administrations, industrial associations, training and consulting institutions, and productivity and entrepreneurship centers in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Middle East.

The application areas of Pharos enterprise software include as follows:

Manufacturing, Services, Compliance, Procurement, Corporate, Projects implementation, Operations, Finance, HR, Quality, Metrology, Inventory, Logistics, E-Commerce, Retail, Customer Services, Supply Chains, Facility management, Sales, Marketing, IT, Internet, Environmental, Energy, Education.

The examples of applications are presented as on-line demo including Smart Enterprise Monitor and Smart City Monitor. The section is updated upon availability of new case studies in different industrial sectors and local governance.