Open Smart Model

Open Smart Model

The PharosN interactive model builder tools along with sample enterprise model provide developers with quick and easy implementation of custom Smart Enterprise solutions. Such solution has in its core the open virtual model of concrete enterprise presenting its structure, operations, KPIs, data linkages and information services for managers and operators.  

The term “open model” means that the model is open for change to adapt new requirements, personnel, machinery and equipment, data sources, orders and customers, suppliers and quality standards.

The development of specific customer model begins with quick learning of the typical sample model for manufacturing enterprise installed at the engine after the subscription. It allows using this sample model as a template for quick prototyping of the specific custom model for the given enterprise and its linking to available data sources.

After being done once by the automation development partners or enterprise consultants, it provides in-house specialists and management with hands-on risk free experience regarding how to advance the initial model further to accommodate all necessary local management requirements and business processes.

The unique comprehensive local Enterprise Model is implemented with Power Client without need for programming. The model development consists of defining the enterprise structure, its objects and properties, providing descriptions, adding indicators, its targets, data sources, sensors & IIoT, constants, etc. The structure may include all necessary unique enterprise technologies, products, customers, requirements to quality of services and production, development plans and targets, new data sources, as well as simulating major decision options and risks based on evidence data.

The sophisticated Enterprise Model is always unique as each enterprise is in the real world. While running it transforms enterprise information and data streams enabling new advanced methods of Smart Management and Business Intelligence for all Enterprise stakeholders.