PharosN: Do you know how is your business doing? Where it heads up?

PharosN: Do you know how is your business doing? Where it heads up?

Acceleration of Change and Complexity

On-going acceleration of change makes life of entrepreneurs and managers increasingly complex. As a complex system, every enterprise consists of interconnected and continuously interacting parts in manufacturing, service providing, people, finance, relations with suppliers, transportation, environment, energy, water supply, education, waste, internal strategic plans, technologies. Each part is changing in time and influences others. Together these parts can change state of the whole business and it is important to monitor the change process and have early warnings of the isses that can be detrimental for the whole business.

Can the software automation help to collect all data about all processes, evaluate the results in real time, and inform manager and operators about perspective issues in advance using artificial intelligence?


Questions to answer

To understand what’s going on people usually asks questions. In business such questions can look like: 


  • What is current state of our enterprise? Is it OK?
  • Can I present its details to prospective partner or investor?
  • Can I have quick answewr to what’s going on in our finance? 
  • Does everything go smooth in production? Is selection of products right? 
  • Does our revenue keep up with the targets we planned carefully to come to results we need? 
  • Which customer bought from us less than we expected? Why?
  • Is our assembling line on now? What is its downtime? 
  • Does everybody work as expected when owner is on the business trip?
  • Why production results (or customer revenue, or quality of that product, etc) changed last month? Or yesterday? Last hour?
  • What were performance indicators for that Department? Work team? Employee?
  • What values had those Key Performance Indicators which revealed the change for that particular date and time?
  • What were the causes of the problem and when it appeared? Had appropriate actions resulted in the desirable effect?
  • How we can improve planning and development based on our evidence and realities?



There is large number of various information systems for management such as decision support systems, executive information systems, online analytical processing, business intelligence, business analytics and performance management dashboards, ERP, etc. In general it all about having meaningful and useful information to answer the questions similar to those mentioned above on the regular basis. While these technologies are generally available to each business from micro to large international manufacturing enterprises, many of them add new questions and problems instead of simplifying the answers. It is because many of them are isolated and operating in silos, too complex and difficult in learning and in use, require special data collection, not so helpful in drill-down to problem causes and finally are costly, both in initial investment and maintenance. 
With the growing information overload it becomes competitive advantage for an entrepreneur to be able to see a full picture of ongoing processes quick and easy and go into details when necessary for prompt evidence based decision making. Smooth and sustainable business developments demand new modern instruments supporting effective management and transparency for entrepreneurs, anytime and everywhere.



Monitoring and Control

Smart Enterprise Monitor is novel IoT information technology realising the concept of Intelligent Sustainable System. As agile enterprise solution it allows: 
•    Easy viewing the whole enterprise and each of its parts at a glance saving time and efforts,
•    Having the detailed answers in a systematic and transparent way in real time, any time and on-line. 
•    Integrating information from large number of processes, people and systems in intelligent way evaluating and predicting sustainability status of each processes 
Entrepreneurs, Management, Owners, Specialists and other stakeholders can view and analyze on-going business processes, access history of events in detail having own personalised ”Smart Enterprise Monitors” on their mobile and computer devices. 
The on-line demo application "Smart Enterprise Monitor" provides an example of the solution implementation in practice, i.e. how easy it may look running in your Enterprise now. For purposes of clarity and simplicity the demo model was made as common manufacturing enterprise. It includes finance, customers and products as focus objects, all common indicators and available for immediate implementation in any organization. After the implementation it can be easily and gradually upgraded with simple interactive model builder instruments by adding objects such as people and working teams and cells, technologies, products, services, customers, suppliers, sales and quality indicators, data sources and relevant events.
The PharosN platform provide excellent risk-free and cost–effective environment for prototyping of Smart Sustainable Enterprises that are described in Industry 4 concepts.