Prototyping Factories of Future with minimum risks and costs

Prototyping Factories of Future with minimum risks and costs

The fundamental trends toward Industry 4 and agile Smart Enterprises require novel smart and cost effective instrumentation to deal with complexity of the problems

  • Vertical integration of smart production systems,
  • Horizontal Integration through global value chain networks,
  • Through-engineering across the entire value chain,
  • Acceleration through exponential technologies

The PharosN platform fosters the vision and execution of a "Smart Industry 4 Enterprise” concepts by providing interactive high level instrumentation to implement custom models of unique business and technological processes. Such complex intelligent sustainable cyber-physical system model provides a virtual copy of the physical enterprise world, its embedding into the cloud or on-premise computing and linking to diverse data sources. While running in real time the model enables digital transformation of real life complex manufacturing and other business processes into their simple holistic vision presenting and predicting results for managing and making decentralized decisions.

The virtual copy of the real world or the Enterprise Model represents the concrete combination of people, technologies, products, services and customers which is unique for each business. It communicates and cooperates with other enterprise systems and people in real time and implements automatic controls wherever necessary via the networks of smart everything in which both internal and cross-organizational services are offered and utilized by participants of the value chain. 

The platform supports connecting networks of diverse sensors, IIoT / M2M devices, linking to the other in-house systems such as ERP, MES, SCADA, accounting, etc and actuators for process control. The Smart Enterprise model running in real time provides management with the integrated vision of whole set of operational issues including use of financial and material resources, energy, water, fuels, technological processes, work hours for employees, use of equipment, etc.

Business monitoring, intelligence and performance analytics tools always presents specific custom focus to the different stakeholder groups in user friendly and simple ways. It allows drilling down to the relevant details anytime and anyplace when necessary with its interactive reports, dashboards, diagrams, charts and maps providing productive and quick assessment of the ongoing situation by decision makers. With inherent support of mobility the Pharos platform automatically sends employees relevant custom event notifications to their mobiles informing about important changes in the operational processes and its latest statuses. It becomes particularly important when the results are or predicted to be beyond expectations and plans.