Performance monitoring, analysis, benchmarking and management in Smart Enterprises

Each enterprise is a complex and unique combination of people, machinery, technologies, products and customers. Running a business in the quickly changing world is the continuous challenge to its owners and management requiring operational knowledge of processes, performance results enabling to take prompt corrective actions.The online demo presents Smart Enterprise solution for the systematic holistic monitoring of performance in real time, analysis of business processes and its results for whole or any specific part of the business. If things are fine then there is no need to go into details unless required for in-depth analysis and planning. However if something goes wrong then the management is immediately notified and may find problem cause as quickly as possible. 

The application demonstrates the virtual model of a manufacturing enterprise. The model structure includes Finance, Production and Sales to Customers and can be viewed in the Navigator. The information includes current state of each object, history of its change over time and allows finding causes of problems and moments of time in which the change took place as well as many other necessary details described here. 

The sample Smart Enterprise model is available for the local installations to Members of Portal, learning and use as template for making own enterprise models in various industrial sectors including services, reselling, etc.  

Demo runs in the last versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari (IOS, Mac), Internet Explorer. Allow popups for this site to view the widgets.