Smart Enterprise demo for manufacturing

Smart Enterprise Monitor allows management and operators focusing on the most important key objects and processes which influence business results while being aware that all other business processes are realized accordingly to plans. It provides immediate notification and access to any necessary detail that helps identifying the cause of a problem.

Any such object can be defined locally, easy and quickly in the enterprise model using Power Client model builder tools.  It may be the Enterprise as a whole, each of its Departments, Production, Services, Sales, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Production or Service Teams, Finances, Machinery, Metrological equipment, Measurements and Quality control, Transportation, etc,

Each business object may have own combination of custom KPI and its optional sub-objects in the hierarchal structure presenting its parts, for example, some customer or product group having similar types of customers (or products) with own data sources.

The initial enterprise definitions require consideration of existing business and service processes however once fixed in the enterprise model and running on enterprise engine one can be sure that it would take care about watching and checking all your business processes routinely in every necessary detail and in real time. The updates regarding every change in processes against desirable or planned outcomes are immediately sent to mobile devices to management and other responsible persons. The access to such information is provided in the secure protected mode and only to those users who is authorized by the management.

As result your enterprise engine makes managerial life easier and freeing up the time for other jobs while realizing highly complex routine tasks of sustainability monitoring. It collects the data from various diverse sources including sensors and cameras all over the enterprise, analyses thousands of business objects at your enterprise, calculates many KPIs in each of them, evaluating on-going states for all focus objects and accordingly to the local definitions of what is “Good”, “Normal” or “Bad” and keeps all involved and authorised updated about ongoing business results.

PharosN application “Smart Enterprise Monitor” demonstrates some of these features based on the model of real factory. Its video presenting main features can be viewed hereThe model is available for subscribers as open template for quick implementation of local business content and can be customized to any other business area including services, reselling, etc.