Step 1: Status of each object at a glance

The Monitor dashboard present custom view for the whole Enterprise and all its sub-objects that are of special interest for some manager as user. The selection of these objects is made by each user individually in menu item Preferences.

The default view to these objects of interest is “Table View”.

The current status of each object is presented as the small color icon on the right of the object name. The colors are “Excellent” – Green, “Optimal” – Blue, “Deficient”- Red

A click on an object name link opens its full report with details.

A click on the object status icon in any place where available, opens the widget with the chart and analytics presenting the object status change over time. In-depth analysis of causes of change is available for at any selected moment of time in the past by click on the color box for the particular date. The object indicator values and sub-object states are uploaded to the client and presented to the user for further analysis by clicking on its names everywhere the sign + is present.

A click on the icon in the column Image opens the object map or picture or video (if available) or enterprise map which can be drilled down to the plan each building.

A click on menu item “Mobile” allows viewing all objects by its animated icons for easy monitoring of current object states and its changes. Any click on the selected icon leads to opening the report for the corresponding object.

A click on the tag provides selection of only those objects which have the selected tag facilitating quick search of the necessary target objects.

Click on the right icon marked with i in Table View provides brief summary about the object.

The Events panel below the dashboard reveals the events which took place. On click the event details provides its further details.

Overview of the features in short video 

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