Sample model overview

Category: Small and medium enterprise (SME)

Type: Furniture Production Factory, private ownership

Size: 75 employees 

Source data set: Case study (UNIDO project)

Industrial sector by ISIC: 3100 Manufacture of furniture

Total number of application objects running and being monitored: 30

Optional states of the Enterprise as a whole and its sub-objects depending on states of its objects and indicators are “Excellent” – Green color, “Optimal” – Blue color, “Deficient”- Red color

Total number of calculated indicators:  295  

Total number of data elements in demo enterprise application: 167


  • Number of Product sub-groups (sub-objects) in product group: 2 - Chairs and Sofas
  • Number of Products total:                                                           20 
  • Number of products in Chairs group:                                          8
  • Number of products in Sofas group:                                          12
  • Number of indicators for each product:                                      10
  • Number of data sources for each product:                                  6


  • Number of customers in Customer group:     5
  • Number of indicators for each customer:       6
  • Number of data sources for each customer:  3

Data storage: In demo implementation the data is imported from MS Excel files and stored on Pharos database. In other customer enterprise installations the data files can be prepared by enterprise staff and imported directly from their enterprise PCs and application servers or relevant databases in different enterprise departments and branches. In addition the enterprise model can be linked to various sensors, IIoT and digital interfaces in manufacturing machines.

Data updating: daily, after the end of working day. The timing is defined by local management accordingly to internal enterprise operations in each installation.

Business process simulation: demo can use random data generation for each data element to emulate the related processes. In customer installations the actual data is received from IIoT, conveyers, or automated systems or imported from various data sources. 

Acceleration of simulation in demo: optional, allowing results for each 1 passed day be calculated in accelerated pace by each 2 minutes

The demo runs on PharosN engine installed in EU and all its viewers receive updates to their Light Clients in real time. 

The PharosN Light Client provides viewing functions only and shall run in the browser (latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and IE Edge. 

The demo model is the scaled down version of the enterprise model. It is provided to subscribers as open template for local installation and further developments. The customization allows adding or modifying any enterprise object such as products, customers, add technologies, work cells, other departments, etc. The open Enterprise model can be modified locally by enterprise specialists or local automation service partners any time to accommodate changes in businesses processes, enterprise structure, equipment, standards, services, and customer relations.