Managing for your own

This Portal Central provides on-line services to all its Members worldwide in fully automatic mode making it available at any time and in any location. It realizes a new type of Digital Age Internet services facilitating our practical ability to manage accelerating change in our world by: 

  • Monitoring, measuring, analyzing and benchmarking objects of our interest in daily routine
  • Coping with uncertainty and instability by improved vision of evidence

In this another form of digital life you as Member of PharosN portal are empowered to manage your access to services by yourself as follows:

  • Selecting and setting services for monitoring and analyzing your business, its actual results, main objects of interest, it on-going states in accordance to your own perception of meaning “Things are Good”, “Fine” or “Bad”
  • Defining necessary criteria and details about “what is important” and “what is not” in the monitoring your objects, e.g. private enterprise or public service organization, its departments, products, services, customers, suppliers, employees, machinery, financial results, quality, environment, etc.
  • Looking after various processes which impact and transform your live such as city services, local governance, changes in regional environment, climate, economics, markets, social issues, education, health, housing, etc   
  • Using the portal services for advertizing for promoting your own business development nationally or internationally, learning and training
  • Setting and managing your own “Organizations/Associations” representing groups of your collaborators such as senior management, employees, partners in business and various studies, education and research which know each other and need to interact as recipients of Portal services in their activities. Portal organization may represent actual legal entity or community or association or family
  • Inviting colleagues, partners and friends to your portal organization/association as members for collaboration, shared use of services and implementing joint application projects
  • Learning how to use this unique digital service platform for sustainable living, improved quality of life, business results, revenues and earnings

The necessary management tools supporting these activities are available in your personal Member Area.  

Vehicle analogues explaining operations

You may consider the following analogue for your understanding of service licensing terms:

1.       The Portal is "a large warehouse of vehicles" i.e. machines leased to users under small fee for carrying their own business activities

2.       You lease "a vehicle" from the PharosN portal to do things you need to, e.g. carry some content, move it from one place to another, etc.

3.       "The vehicle - machine" (i.e. server software, client software, add-on software components) is brought to your location under “License Agreement” similar to Rent a Car one.

4.       The machine ownership is always kept ours, not yours, we improve, update and repair it continuously while it serves you locally

5.       The "load" or content which you run on this machine is yours, you manage and control it. We do not know about your content and cannot access it. This “load or content” is your server database and your application objects which are located only at your premises and cannot be copied to PharosN portal. The reasons: (1) it is prohibited by European Union laws, (2) there is no interest to your content by the provider in principle, (3) there is no technical implementation of such operation in the protocol of communications between your leased server software and Portal Central and (4) there is no operational storage in PharosN portal to keep such copies. 

6.       Your content is sealed securely for "storing to any warehouse" i.e. location you want e.g. your external disk storage, some computer device in your organizational network, cloud storage, etc. It is your server backup which is encrypted with most secure algorithms known at the moment making access to its content practically impossible.

7.       You select place to keep your backup and only you know where it is located and how is stored which may limit access to the content as well.

8.       No one including you (!) knows the secret “seal" i.e. the password key used for encryption as this password is generated automatically by server individually during each backup operation based on your credentials and unique attributes of the service subscription.

As the result there are the following conditions of accessing backup content: 

  • You do not need to memorize your “seal” i.e., password
  • No one can restore your backup and access application database without your approval as Supervisor of your Organization in your member area at Portal Central
  • One needs all parts in one place for restoring your content including encrypted backup file itself, its password, PharosN engine unique service ID and permission sent to the server from you at PharosN portal by secure protocol. This unique combination exists only under your command.

One may add here some local organizational security measures such as server and backup access control, isolated location, etc to have extended protection of your application data.

Principles of operations

Using the services requires understanding of important underlying principles of relations between you as Portal Member and PharosN portal as your automatic service provider operating under special rules and logic. While these principles are presented in detail in TOS, Privacy Policy, additional agreements for particular services, its logical outline is as follows:

Traceability: Delivery of such on-line service content requires your proper identification as account owner and documenting of actions by both sides i.e. your subscriptions for particular services and its implementation by Portal

Unique identification: The identification is based on your initial registration as unique Portal Member and its continuous verification along the way to protect your account ownership, access to your personal area, securing personal data and management of your service subscriptions

Complete and correct registration: Error free and complete registration by entering your name, birthday, location, email and SMS contacts, names of associated organizations, its locations, etc are key issues for unique identification and implementation of easy going and non-interruptible access to your service subscriptions , its extensions, supervising of organizations/associations, its members, your servers, ownership of your data running on the servers.

Responsibility: You are fully responsible for management of your account, access to your personal area and activities which take place under your account. Options to verify and restore your access to your account if you forget your password or it becomes known to some third parties are principally limited both legally and technically as well as time consuming and legally complicated.

Special care is required in case you are supervising real organizations having operational servers and databases (see “Ensuring data ownership” topic in FAQ) as you may lose control of your servers and data if you cannot access to your Member account. It would help to avoid service interrupts, financial costs as well as problems of refunding in case you may decide to end your membership having some amount at your deposit.

Privacy:  your identity is known only to members of your organizations whom you invite yourself. There is no public directory of Portal Members as its concept is “Providing digital services for teams of individuals who collaborate in achieving collective goals”. Your privacy depends on your public activities only.

Being in contact: The support provided to you by event notifications and warnings in your Inbox, email and SMS contacts is important for implementing your activities as Member. Its aim is helping you to manage your services and updating about new developments. You need to have your contacts emails and SMS open and updated for these notifications while having running subscriptions.  

Compliance to operational rules: The rules regarding registration and operations securing your interests and access to your personal area include in particular:

  • Secure naming of the password, making it lengthy and complex,
  • Providing personal secure questions which can help you personally restore the access to your account in case of lost password
  • Memorizing and keeping the passwords and secure questions safe, possibly using password manager software on your devices
  • Monitoring log of your previous accesses to account, changes of its settings, e.g. mail and SMS contacts
  • Seeking acknowledgements of your actions by Messages sent by PharosN portal to your mail and SMS accounts
  • Avoiding accessing your account from public devices such as tablets, PCs, notebooks e.g. in Internet café, etc, which have software installed by third parties and is out of your control. The details of best practices are provided in FAQ.
  • Timely responding to notifications received from the PharosN portal and implementing corresponding actions.

All these joint efforts by both sides such as the Provider of Services and you as Member using the Services are aimed at smooth and non-interruptible and problem– free implementation of your service subscriptions.


You may expect us keeping your stuff running safe and secure in view of increasing cases of privacy violation on-line including spammers, various agencies, organizations, etc.

As organization running the PharosN portal we do everything possible under the existing level of our knowledge, capabilities, resources and information technology to ensure your expectations by the following simple reasons:

1.       This is our business which we want to develop it further. Providing high quality services and securing your and other customers interests are key issues for making it happen.

2.       Our company runs this business accordingly to strict European Union laws for privacy protection and delivery of digital services. It means that your personal data are not shared with any other third party.

The security and protection of services are in the focus of continuous attention. Recognizing the importance of trust in implementation of Portal operations we would carefully listen to your opinion and ideas on improvements which you may share with us as Portal member by using Feedback form in your personal area.

Trust verification in changing complex world

Both parties of the Agreement - you as user of the services and Portal Member, and - we as provider of the services by means of PharosN portal, establish Trust Relations in which we expect you to comply to the Terms and Conditions of Service Use and additional agreements related to particular services you may use.  

We undertake verification procedures to monitor any non-compliance to these agreements including identification of bogus (fake, false, sham, phony, counterfeit, wrong, fraudulent) registration and member activities. In case of negative verification the relevant member accounts shall be closed without any warning. Legal actions against particular individuals which willfully violate the TOS and other agreements would be undertaken in some particular cases. 

The procedures include as follows:

  • Collecting information about your activities as Portal Member, including subscriptions, its delivery, payments, account deposit, your actions regarding issuing payment certificates to other members of portal
  • Collecting information from and about the devices you use to access the Services. This includes IP addresses, the type of browser and device you use, the web page you visited before coming to the Portal and identifiers associated with your devices. Your devices (depending on their settings) and server where you may be registered as user may also transmit location information to the Services
  • Monitoring the content of your advertisements in its compliance to the content requirements formulated in the Additional agreements for advertisement service  
  • Using technologies like cookies and pixel tags to provide, improve, protect and promote our Services and your security. For example, cookies help us with things like remembering your username for your next visit, understanding how you are interacting with our Services, and improving them based on that information. You can set your browser to not accept cookies, but this may limit your ability to use the Services.